sure – all of you should have been there! sure – all of you should have been listening. SURE – all of you should have been doing it. together – with us. but since you can’t be in different places at the same time, we recorded it for YOU! so here it finally goes out…

DAY NINE – videoblog #sdc2013

ZARAGOZA!! – the downer on our “tour of crisis”.. trying hard to convince Opel that we have to meet their workers, but no freakin’ chance. just a big enterprise like every big enterprise, no matter if in the middle of a desert or in the middle of a zoo… Zaragoza was a mistake, but then…

THIS is NOT Detroit.. #sdc2013

this is not detroit.., ein Album auf Flickr. ..and it ain’t california either! It’s Bochum. and we’re freezing like hell. not only the cold pulls us back into German reality. how do you spell xenophobia…? BUT we also made a lot of new friends and and had our own little demonstration.. (and where did we…

DAY EIGHT – videoblog #sdc2013

MADRID – beginning of October – taking part in a demonstration against “desahucios”, a very common thing nowadays in Spain. desahucios means Zwangsenteignung means eviction. we are trying to take part in saying “No”, trying to support a movement, trying to understand. though it’s hard to understand. what’s happening with all these empty houses once…

MARSEILLE – final destination #sdc2013

..and the hottest night this year 2013.. presenting the “sound of crisis” to Marseille and the rest of this small world. yes, we fell in love! with the sun, the sea and all those sounds. and we refuse to forget. change is gonna come right now! be prepared.

DAY SEVEN – videoblog #sdc2013

we’ve been really trying hard in Cascais the other day.. but no fortune. it’s near Lisboa, where all the famous football guys and retired politicians live in their big houses with their nice housekeepers from all over the world. we’ve been having a long and energy taking stroll around empty street next to the atlantic…

From Madrid to Zaragoza #sdc2013

From Madrid to Zaragoza, ein Album auf Flickr. In the hea(r)t of the desert.. our last couple of days on the road through spain… we miss los torros! mucho….. and try not to forget to fight for the right.. stop desahucios! stop murder. and Opel – please think about your public relations!

DAY SIX – videoblog #sdc2013

now also on video – our arrival and first days in Lisboa, which now seem to be light years away.. yes, the mayor and us and no he didn’t sing for us.. but we found more super people on our way up and down the hill! obrigada!

The Mayor safed my life #sdc2013

big city lights yesterday afternoon… first, a bus driver told me that crisis is not be found at praca da figueira, cause there’s too many tourists.. ok. Martim Moniz would be “better” for this (re)quest. he also sent us to Belém to meet the politicians.. unfortunately we deleted the secretly taken video, so the world…

DAY FIVE – videoblog #sdc2013

..far behind with our video diary, but we’ve only got 6 hands, 3 heads and too many hearts… here our first recording sessions one week Ponte Candelals, Galicia! unforgettable, untouchable and unresistable….MUCHAS GRACIAS dear-all-you-lovely people!

DAY FOUR – videoblog #sdc2013

arriving in Ponte Caldelas, galicia…. meeting the people on the market.. searching step one. watch! right now starting our journey to Madrid. although we should stay one more week – at least – to understand what happened to us here, we’re leaving, yeah we’re lea-vi-ing. soon the lisboa documentaries. stay tuned!