The Mayor safed my life #sdc2013

big city lights yesterday afternoon… first, a bus driver told me that crisis is not be found at praca da figueira, cause there’s too many tourists.. ok. Martim Moniz would be “better” for this (re)quest. he also sent us to Belém to meet the politicians.. unfortunately we deleted the secretly taken video, so the world…

DAY FIVE – videoblog #sdc2013

..far behind with our video diary, but we’ve only got 6 hands, 3 heads and too many hearts… here our first recording sessions one week Ponte Candelals, Galicia! unforgettable, untouchable and unresistable….MUCHAS GRACIAS dear-all-you-lovely people!

DAY FOUR – videoblog #sdc2013

arriving in Ponte Caldelas, galicia…. meeting the people on the market.. searching step one. watch! right now starting our journey to Madrid. although we should stay one more week – at least – to understand what happened to us here, we’re leaving, yeah we’re lea-vi-ing. soon the lisboa documentaries. stay tuned!

DAY TWO – videoblog #sdc2013

our second day on the road: after a short intermezzo in aachen, we crossed france and arrived in San Sébastián, pays basque. heavy rain and see. and we have a broken pipe in our car, so it sounds like hell.

DAY ONE – videoblog #sdc2013

our first day on the road: from berlin to aachen. the new and the old europe. waving good-bye. leaving our friends and heading now down south – TODAY WE WILL MAKE IT TO SPAIN!

The Cult of Crisis

Eine Expedition nach Portugal, Spanien und Frankreich mit sound development city “On a balmy summer evening in Marseille we perform an exorcism. We dance! Circling around our altar like dervishes, incited by images of places of crisis, we beseech the power of ecstasy, we call upon you, crisis! We dance on your territory, we dance…