FINAL CUT _ 14th January @Bootshaus, Berlin


Die Welt weint.
Deshalb werden wir Eimer aufstellen.
Die Welt will darüber sprechen.
Deshalb werden wir unsere Ohren aufsperren.
Die Welt will ausflippen.
OK. Dann werden die Platten sich non-stop drehen.
Ihr wollt trinken. Von mir aus. Ein letztes Mal an unserer Seite weilen, vom unersättlichen Spirit abhaben, dem unfehlbaren Magnetismus noch einmal komplett ausgeliefert sein, sich nicht beugen, das letzte bisschen Aufruhr ………

Wir vergeben alles und alles, was wir haben.

and mind you:
If it’s worth playing, it’s worth playing loud.

Wir neigen unsere Häupter in Ehrfurcht,

Eure Maiden Monsters


Sammy Lee Larsson- Sophie Heartbreakin’ Fatale- Miss Royal Virginity


Dear lovely world, it is decided: we leave! There still remains one last trace on one human body, but this one also will vanish one day. We know that this world needs us, but the world is not enough. We need to go further. We decide for the end AND for the new. Reasons? There are many. But none really affects the power there was. We fell in love with you (all), right from the beginning. We admired you, adored you, moved you, some we inspired, others we confused, we challenged you, were annoying to you, we were loud, embarrasing, honest, naive, curious big time, we were wrong, we were right, money always out of sight. Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain, France. We never made it to the Balkans, we never made it to USA nor Saxonia. We had huge plans and they now fill up the universe. Take them! There will be a live service! On Saturday, 14th of January 2017, 8pm@Bootshaus. Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 12 Come in masses. Spread the word!! And don’t be afraid: There is a load of (female) successors waiting in front of the door. For those far away – we will document our ceremony on sound and video for everyone absent and the world beyond. Please, send your condolences here: … (facebook) or on all other usual ways. Whoever wants to contribute to the final service, please contact us via We are grateful to have been around you and to know you being around us. Thank you! And NEVER forget: all that counts is love, sweet love. We bow our heads in reverence, yours Maiden Monsters. /aka/ // /Sammy Lee Larsson/ // /Sophie Heartbreakin’ Fatale/ // /Miss Royal Virginity/