The Cult of Crisis

tour datesEine Expedition nach Portugal, Spanien und Frankreich mit sound development city

“On a balmy summer evening in Marseille we perform an exorcism. We dance! Circling around our altar like dervishes, incited by images of places of crisis, we beseech the power of ecstasy, we call upon you, crisis! We dance on your territory, we dance you down. There is a sound droning through hundreds of headphones, voices calling in from our, and from another world: „Crisis has become cult!“
When we were younger, crisis meant something else. A point of change. When suffering peaks but therefore an end is also in sight. Nowadays things are different. Crisis persists. Crisis will remain. Crisis has got permanent residency in Europe’s identity.
What does this crisis look like? What does it sound like, what stories can people tell about it? How old is it and how long will it stay here? We don our Sunday’s best and travel across Europe. A new story gets told by the people we meet – a story about rites and practices and individual experiences with the crisis. This story will be translated into a dance piece, it will appear on our altar and deeply sensed in our ritual. We will fight fire with fire to unmask and disarm the cult of crisis and force it into an end….”